Green Bonds: Capitalism is Going Green #infographic

Green Bonds: Capitalism is Going Green #infographic

Buying U.S. businesses debt for environmental motives has no longer been a profitable tactic over the final 12 months. Yet as the market swells, so-called inexperienced bonds are primed for higher outcomes as buyers pour money into a property that may want to assist keep the world.

"Capitalism and accountable funding are now not at the same time exclusive," stated Stephen Liberatore, head of Nuveen 's accountable fixed-income method team, in a cellphone interview given on January 24.

In the 12 months to January 24, the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Green Bond Index — which tracks inexperienced company bonds — won about thirteen per cent. According to Bloomberg Barclays index data, this is much less than the vast investment-grade company debt benchmark which back around sixteen per cent.

Green Bonds: Capitalism is Going Green #infographic


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