Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses #infographic

Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses
If you're meeting with your mates for a party night, it may not look like a priority to match your drink with the right bottle, but there's something to tell about the extra mile to serve drinks in the right receptacle!
It is not just an arbitrary etiquette problem to use the right form of glass. Aromatic benefits require the use of other forms of glass. For instance, a given glass curvature can affect the way you smell your beverage, and taste it even. The glass shape may also represent the geographical origin of the drink. When you drink a German beer, it's possible to get a stein with a handle
With the advent of wine bars, beer breweries and particularly taprooms and cocktail production, authenticity has been at the forefront of the beverage world. You see drinks served in your intended glasses as usual by visiting these establishments. It can be difficult to have a range of glasses at home to satisfy all drink requirements. We suggest you begin with d lenses.

Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses #infographic

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