Voice Search Stats For 2019 #infographic

 Voice Search Stats For 2019
We find some very fascinating voice search statistics to know from any marketer. The searcher for voices has risen considerably since the advent of Siri when Apple shook its main voice assistant.
The Alps ...... The Alps ... A mountainous region. Ai claims at least one billion voice searches are available across the globe every month! And smartphones made up 20 percent, according to Google
It is surprising that advertisers have taken too long to follow the growing trend in voice search. So what does it mean? Okay, first, we should be even more careful about the long-tail keywords. Voice searchers are not searching for keywords, are searching for keyword phrases, and are more question-based. Take care of the visitor, therefore, by taking account of their needs and their concerns.

 Voice Search Stats For 2019 #infographic
infographic by:topshelfmedia.ca

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