Snapchat Should Have The Impact Of' Transformation Land' On App #article

Snapchat Should Have The Impact Of' Transformation Land' On App #article
Snapchat also introduced a fresh' Earth Transformation' AR effect to make it more enjoyable for users on the device, which, as the name implies, turns the planet into different configurations like water and lava using the Snap camera.

In the video shared on twitter, you will see what it feels like.

Snapchat used advanced AR algorithms for the visual effect, according to Venture Beat: "The architecture for real-time ground segmentation utilizes machine learning models to catch geometry and semblance, automatically isolating field-based objects from opposing contexts."

Snapchat used similar effects to the segmentation of the sky which users seemed to enjoy before. And although those results may not seem massive, they show the skill of Snapchat in this regard.

It has recently begun developing a new logo recognition app and although there are only a few companies that have the tool enabled right now, it's full of promise when it comes to advertising.

Snap collaborated alongside Tate Britain, The National Gallery and The Bank of England to also promote the £ 20 bills.

Snap could unlock doors to a modern way to brand management by creative usage cases and-AR applications, and more that may involve encouraging consumers to take advantage of promotions and exclusive deals.

The capacity of Snap to change the floor may not be exciting but it is a sign of what the device can do.

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