How Do You Fight a Wildfire #infographic

How Do You Fight a Wildfire
The rise of wildfires was alarming, as I'm sure we all saw in the past few years. Camp Fire 2018 was the worst in California's history and some aspects don't change. Nonetheless, California's governor has warned residents that wildfires are almost certainly the state's "norm." And I know (or at least probably) that we all knowWhat are we doing? What are we doing? First of all, I recommend that someone who is prepared and willing to go is certified for wildfire! That's when you think the pack can be tested. Don't be bothered, you've got 3 miles to walk ... With a 45 Livres kit ... Inside 45 minutes or less. Was it goddamn? This is all right. That's all right. There is still a perfect way to assist with fire fighting efforts in the wild!

How Do You Fight a Wildfire #infographic

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