Gamification in Banking & Financial Services #infographic

 Gamification in Banking & Financial Services
The banks and financial institutions can be their own worst foe and best friend when it comes to building business confidence. To build a sustainable company, it is important to establish a true financial well-being system for clients and boost the productivity of the workforce. Gamification plays a crucial role in engagement and success in both situations.
You can see how banks and financial institutions use gamification to differentiate themselves in this infographic. So men, families, homes, and dreams will continue to be impacted. A Barclays Ring smart card was introduced to establish a mutual cardholder culture.
Barclays has been able to market the product as user-friendly thanks to its consumers who share their ideas about the credit card features through online and offline promotions. Their GivebackTM service also gives community members the ability to participate in part of the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard network.

 Gamification in Banking & Financial Services #infographic

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