Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier? #infographic

Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier?
The notion of a shorter workweek is appealing to many people. Above all, preparing for the things we enjoy can be challenging. Is it fair then to begin working less on our quest for good? Lawyers would agree on a shorter workweek, but broad acceptance remains required for these policies.
The 2019 World Happiness Report and the OECD today chart data in order to measure the degree to which the happiness of a nation is correlated to the average working times per person. Nonetheless, symptoms may go beyond normal stress and fatigue in severe cases.
For instance, the American Heart Association found that people under 50 years of age were more at risk of stroke when they work for more than ten hours a day for a decade or longer. Another research carried out in fourteen countries has found that the chances of excess drinkers for 12% of individuals working long hours are greater.
Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier? #infographic

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