5 Tips to Make Your Web Accessible #infographic

 5 Tips to Make Your Web Accessible
The US Non-discrimination Act, ADA (1990 Americans with Disabilities Act), provides access for all people with disabilities, such as walking, hearing, auditing, speaking, and other forms of impairment to products, facilities such as transportation, schooling, employment opportunities, public accommodation, communication, and legislative activities. Civil law prohibits discrimination against individuals when you're wondering when websites are ADA-related, the USA is. In order to include websites as a public place of accommodation, the Department of Justice enforces ADA legislation regulating government and local government facilities and regularly interpreted (Title III), while (Title II) also requires companies with 15 or more employees to comply with this statute. The ADA, along with Section 508, will also be

 5 Tips to Make Your Web Accessible #infographic
infographic by:www.whoisaccessible.com

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