Triumph Bonneville History #infographic

 Triumph Bonneville History
My dad, a former Meriden Triumph employee, decided in1978 that it was about time that at the age of 39, he became a teacher and was able to make meager work and time to become the omnipotent, all-intelligent arse he bossed. That alone is not all that remarkable, but it is an indubitable event; he persuaded my mum that he was really good moving from the midlands to Liverpool every week, on a bike.
 It was only superstar manipulation, and it succeeded. It worked. It has been working. A short trip to the local dealer of the CAC 726 T-a stunning Triumph Bonnevilles T140V and E (a combination of the T140V and E was made in February 197) A short trip ago.

 Triumph Bonneville History #infographic
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