What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types #infographic

What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types #infographic

A vaporizer is a battery or energy source which allows the user to heat up oil or plant to a temperature that transforms the solid material into a vapor. The vaporizer then inhales the blood vapor which has many physical and psychological effects.

This must be explained since cigarettes are often sprayed by many. NOT sprays of tobacco. The aim of this vaporization is to stop the inhale of the material. Only when the substance is heated up to such a high temperature that it burns is smoke. Burning affects the material's heating status. Smoke is produced as combustion happens. Smoke is a mass of tiny burnt particles instead of ablaze.

The smell of smoke also leaves a residue of ashes and smoke is added to the skin and textiles. As we breathe in these load spores, we even inhale toxic cancerous materials. The heat binds to the fuel and forms carcinogenic substances. Once burnt, harmful chemicals are still added to the body, even if the substance they use is natural and healthy.

The vaporizers also heat the chosen material thermally but stay below the combustion rate. Even vaporized compounds are composed of the vapor released to and absorbed into the bloodstream.
What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types #infographic

infographic by:kronicvapes.co.uk

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