A Latte Art Guide From Barista #infographic

A Latte Art Guide From Barista
A Latte Art Guide From Barista:
Throughout human history, the art of closely arranging smooth milk on a creamy espresso has never been more time to appreciate. Since its founding some thirty years ago, Latte art has exploded around the world. Coffee was never the same before. The way in which milky masterpieces are manufactured relies entirely on milk transfiguration. Heating milk at extreme temperatures rapidly turns it into a lightweight, fluffier substance that can easily be sculpted into invaluable artifacts. It just happens that the chemical structure of the milk changes and breaks down sugars and creates a sweeter drink. Latte art isn't coffee news, either;
A Latte Art Guide From Barista #infographic
infographic by:www.expressvending.co.uk
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