An Overview of Hearing Loss #infographic

An Overview of Hearing Loss
An Overview of Hearing Loss: 
With over 5% of the world's population experiencing hearing loss, it is more popular than most people know. The types of hearing loss that is distinguished by which part of the ear are damaged, including auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, conductive deafness, mixed deafness, and sensorineural deafness.
Damage hearing is triggered by a number of factors, including birth complications, genetics, chronic ear infections, excessive exposure to noise, type of medical conditions, drug use, and aging.
The choice of treatment depends on the type of hearing loss, aids, cochlear implants, hearing aids, sign language, and surgery.
 Take the time to investigate a hearing loss so that you are informed of what it is and the choice of therapy available.

An Overview of Hearing Loss #infographic
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