The Many Homes of 7 Famous People #infographic

The many homes of 7 famous people

Many people work away from their tail to create security and stability for their families. And it mainly means a safe and comfortable place to live. Of course, once you begin to increase your income, you start out of the main home and begin to consider other dreams that you would like to meet with your property portfolio. There are ways for you and your family to enjoy your free time around the house or to feel a childhood fantasy.

 Our rich partners as part of this system are many - was always the money Bill Gates. He launched the Microsoft Project while living off Route 66 and working out of a modest hotel room, but he lived a humble life.

 On the other hand, Michael Jackson comes from the 'Childhood Dreaming' category. His famous Nelson land farm was the name of the province of Peter Peter in which no one ever was old. And, of course, the King of Pop Music will never get to see progress - through their difficulties were adjusted by side effects.

The many homes of 7 famous people #infographic
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