The History and Future of Wifi #infographic

The History and Future of Wifi
Although we now know the Internet only existed in the 1990s, worldwide researchers and inventors have learned that a digital, instantaneous connected service system is available. Today, we are predicting a future of 2.6 times as many as 20 billion IoT devices in the world as now. Real-life applications were tested through the theoretical ideas expressed by minds like Paul Otlet and Nikola Tesla.

 Localised wireless versions were used from the 1970s through the 1980s, including ALOHAnet and AT&T's WavelAN. Rapid development began in the 1990s as Carnegie Mellon set up the first large-scale wireless network and Wi-Fi itself was labeled in 1999 by the trade association of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Nothing new is under the sun–there is a long story even for the eight billion WiFi connected devices on earth. For more on the history and future of WiFi, see this infographic.

The History and Future of Wifi #infographic

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