Student Loan Crisis #infographic

Student Loan Crisis

Before the great depression and great stability, the past financial crisis appears, the debt had to face the whole country, with the slow financial growth at our fast and economic and personal levels. Today we are meeting with some very familiar indications of late ending- more often students are in debt form.

After graduation, students have been left in the average $ 28,000 debt and the rest to pay back only ten years later. Young adults, especially Gen Xers, often called upon to ground these loans, the interest rate may be packing, including thousands of dollars over the coming decades. But it's not just bank accounts painful. In order to pay student loans with little extra cash with millions of Americans, it is going on a massive scale in less money economy.

Compared to the combined market prices of both Microsoft and Facebook, the most qualified, national student loan is unmatched today, and it's too late to take control over. Today, today's student debt crisis in this infrastructure is yesterday and what does tomorrow mean?

Student Loan Crisis #infographic
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