DIY Hair Color #infographic

DIY Hair Color
Hair color isn't as easy as slapping on some dye and calling it a day-there is a whole science to good hair color. A professional hairstylist shares all the nitty-gritty details on how to get a successful at-home hair color with her definitive guide to DIY hair color.
 This infographic goes over the basic steps needed to be successful with DIY hair color including the need to learn about hair structure, anatomy and chemistry, how to determine the base and target level of hair color, how to formulate the perfect shade you need, how to test the color for best results, and how to apply and process the color.
The hair color guide this infographic leads to goes into great detail about how to do all of these things, as they are all crucial to a successful at-home dye job. The infographic was created to give the reader a base overview of the steps they need to take.

DIY Hair Color #infographic

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